Epicure Farms
"Your Fresh Cut Artichoke Provider"

Epicure Farms is family owned and operated and has become the industry leader in artichoke hearts. The Mediterranean Green Globe artichoke is grown in the fields of Castroville, California. 

Specially trained artisans individually hand carve each artichoke heart into a variety of specialty cuts. There is no machinery or automation in this old world tradition. 

We have transformed the artichokes into a sophisticated and elegant artichoke crown, stamping each one with our peak of freshness trademark.

Artichoke hearts are exceptionally sensitive to light, heat, and contamination and so our product is carefully handled to ensure it arrives at your table in great condition. *Please click on "Handling of Artichokes" tab for proper instructions upon receiving.

Our fresh-cut artichoke crowns are exactly what chefs and customers want in order to prepare gourmet meals without the taint of the traditional canned artichoke. Like fine wine, the artichoke heart is nectar to the palate. Its delicate taste welcomes a variety of culinary variations. 

When you buy Epicure Farms artichoke crowns, you're buying the finest quality artichokes with all the components in place-hand trimmed, healthy and deliciously gourmet.

We at Epicure Farms hope you enjoy this special treat as much as we love bringing it to you!


Straight from the Heart...

With excellent quality, our artichoke crowns are perfect for food service providers. Artichoke crowns offer great cooking opportunities whether grilled, baked, sauteed or sliced up in a salad, their flavor adds tasty new dimensions to all kinds of recipes.

Hand Carved Appeal...

We hand trim our artichokes to add a fresh kitchen-prepared look and to save chefs time and effort. Our products are flexible enough to use as an appetizer, a focal point, or as a base for benedict's and vegetable medleys.

An Upscale Ingredient...

Our artichoke crowns will play a prominent role on your menu by offering the highest quality fresh-cut artichoke crowns available.

Value-Added Saving To You...

Reduced labor costs and waste disposal; our fresh-cut artichoke crowns are clearly your best value.


Our fresh-cut artichoke crowns are vacuum packed and sealed in a pouch specially designed to allow product respiration. Prior to packing and sealing the Artichokes are dipped into a natural preservative to maintain their color.

Epicure Farms artichoke crowns have a shelf life of 10-12 days as long as cold chain is not broken and product is handled properly. Product refrigeration must be kept at 34 to 36 degrees F.